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The Shippers Group Gives Back

The Shippers Group is committed to giving back to the communities wherein our operating centers are located. TSG supports a variety of volunteer activities that we participate in as teams, as well as encouraging and supporting associates to pursue individual volunteer activities. 

Simply put, giving back is fun and it feels good!


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Why We Give Back

It is our commitment at The Shippers Group to give charitably through a variety of efforts. Associates volunteer as teams or individuals, hold collection drives for those who are underserved, and partner with nonprofit organizations to provide logistics assistance in times of need. The opportunities to give back remind us of the importance of being a good neighbor, supporting causes that help the underprivileged, and building relationships within our communities. Each time The Shippers Group gives back, the teams within our organization become stronger, but more importantly—their volunteer efforts strengthen not only the team, but the community as a whole.

How We Give Back

Check out some of the ways in which we give back below.

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